JRS Drive Handtools

About Us

JRSDRIVE is recognized for its superior quality, outstanding performance, the ability to increase productivity, and for their product innovation which offers peace of mind knowing that these tools can be used safely. These tools demonstrate outstanding workmanship due to the efforts of a dedicated team of product engineers, marketing professionals, and quality control managers to ensure that these tools are manufactured to rigorous industry standards such ANSI .

We are proud to provide competitive pricing, timely deliveries and customized Packing and branding. Eastman Cast & Forge Ltd. is a high-quality manufacturer established in 1989 and had revenue of $165 million USD in fiscal year 2017-2018.

The company employs economies of scale in a 396,000 sq. ft. facility with a manufacturing capacity of more than 24 million tools annually. We utilize this advantage to offer our customers competitive pricing and a promise of high quality and quick turnaround.

Our production facilities include 9 forging lines, an up-setter for wheel wrenches and press forging machinery manufactured in Taiwan for cold stamped wrenches. We manufacture all types of hand tools including agricultural tools, construction tools, automotive tools, and plumbing tools, etc.

We invest time and money into research and development, product design, engineering, quality control and testing, Packing, and merchandising. To ensure quick turnaround from order to delivery, we have round the clock power management and backup via 5 DG generator sets of 2170 KVA.

International Standards

We are proud of the fact that our products have been greatly received both at home and abroad. Our products conform to international standards and are currently being exported to over 40 countries worldwide including The United States and Russia in addition to numerous countries throughout Europe, South America, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

OEM Supplier

Eastman is privileged to be an authorized supplier to major OEM’s in USA including John Deere, Eicher, New Holland, Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors Ltd. AMW, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tafe and Sonalika.

Quality Control

Eastman’s manufacturing and marketing facilities are enhanced through a dedicated, diverse, and highly experienced workforce which competently and successfully implements management systems such as TQM, 5S, KAIZEN and TPM in different work departments, making Eastman a reliable partner. “Our people really make a difference.”

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